Small Business Owner: Getting a Lack of Sleep Can Hurt Your Company

As a small business owner, did you know your business is less likely to succeed if you don’t get enough sleep? Your duties are many and varied, including customer service, human resources, logistics, and marketing, to name a few. In fact, your responsibilities are so great, you may need more sleep than a corporate executive, and the lack of sleep is often responsible for a variety of health problems and poor work performance. Corporate executives often tend to get home earlier than small business owners, because they know they have plenty of employees to do needed tasks, often more so than small business owners.

Actually, many of your employees probably also aren’t getting enough sleep. This can lead to poor health and production and demonstrates one of the reasons you need adequate health insurance for your company. Here are five reasons you need a good night’s sleep.

Research Shows A Lack of Sleep Simulates Drunkenness

A study by the University of South Wales showed that an employee who has been awake for 17-19 hours would provide production similar to someone with a blood alcohol level of .005%.

If someone has been awake for 20 hours straight, his or her performance would be like someone with a level of .1%. At that level of alcohol in someone’s blood, he faces a charge of drunk driving. Would you like driving at the same time as such a driver? Nobody should work with so little sleep.

A Good Night’s Sleep Optimizes Your Brain Function

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute reports a good night sleep helps you prepare for the next day. This is because during sleep your brain forms new pathways to help you learn. This could be helpful in all circumstances, whether you are refreshing yourself on the basics of accounting and finance, or planning the code for a new website. Your problem-solving skills are enhanced. This will ultimately help you make the best decisions, as sleep will help you integrate any new information you have learned.

By contrast, studies show sleep-deprived individuals are about as alert as those who have had a few alcoholic beverages.

You, Will, Have Better Health With a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep helps people maintain good health for a variety of reasons. One is that sleep helps heal and repair blood vessels and the heart.

On the other hand, a lack of sleep for a prolonged time can lead to a greater risk of diabetes, stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, and kidney disease. Sleep can rebuild muscles, repair your body, and fight off inflammation, which often causes illness and disease. Trauma and stress can trigger an inflammatory response, but sleep is the antidote to neutralize this effect.

Sleep Can Put You in a Good Mood

It’s hard for someone with less than seven to eight hours of sleep to be in a good mood, which will help you tackle your daily responsibilities.

Sleep can translate into a healthy mind and body, which can help lead to a healthy business. How many hours of sleep did you get last night?

Sleep Will Improve Your Memory

Have you ever forgotten an important detail or a client’s name during an urgent call? How much sleep did you have the night before?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep helps our memories improve. As we go about our day, our brains take in an incredible amount of information. We better retain the vast number of facts we all gather daily, as during sleep, bits, and pieces we have gathered transfer from short-term memory to long-term memory. The process is called “consolidation.”

Your Employees May Not Be Getting Enough Sleep Either
Your employees may not be getting enough sleep either. A Gallup poll showed 40% of Americans get less than the recommended seven hours of sleep nightly. We’ve already examined how too little sleep can affect a person’s health. Could this be even more true of small business employees, demonstrating the need for adequate health insurance?

It doesn’t matter how small your company is, one of the keys to maintaining the best workers is providing good health insurance. Because of health reform, there are tax incentives available for small businesses that provide group health insurance. You need to be sure you provide the best available coverage for your workers and get to bed in time each night–even if you have to leave some duties for the next day, or hire an extra employee to lighten your workload.

How to Attract Attention and Get Sales with Search Engine Optimization

Since the formula for improving your profit involves earning more from your marketing campaigns than you are spending, search engine optimization will take your business to the next level. It will help you attract more visitors without forcing you to pay for expensive advertisements, and you will know that you are moving in the right direction when you see the outcome. Some people give up on SEO if they can’t rank their content right away, but this is a long-term approach. Even though you won’t get results overnight, search engine optimization will work wonders for your business over the long run.

If search engine optimization is at the front of your mind, you are likely wondering where to start. Keyword research is the first part of any Connecticut SEO Firm plan and requires you to consider the terms and phrases for which your prospects are likely to search when they need your products or services. Google’s Keyword Planner is a useful tool that will provide you with valuable insights, such as the search volume for each keyword. When you learn the number of people who search for a keyword, you won’t need to waste time trying to rank for terms that don’t get attention.

Once you have a few keywords on hand, you can start crafting content that the search engines won’t be able to overlook. Placing your main keyword in the title and subheading of your article will let the search engines know the topic that you intend to cover. Even though you will want to use your keyword in the body of your text, each placement needs to be natural if you don’t want to risk turning people away. Once you have written several pieces of content, don’t forget to build backlinks so that you can enhance your domain authority.

Getting your content to appear on the No. 1 page of the search engines is a smart step in the right direction, but you will need to include a call-to-action at the bottom of each page if you would like to get the most from your effort. This does not need to be complicated, and adding a short paragraph that highlights the benefits of your product or service will take you far. When your mission is to use search engine optimization to get as many sales as you can, using banner ads can also help.

When getting targeted traffic is putting stress on your budget, never ignore the power of search engine optimization. Each visitor that you get without needing to pay an ongoing fee will boost your profitability, and you can keep producing content to earn even more. In addition to keyword research and crafting compelling articles, ensuring that each page has a clear call-to-action is vital to your success. If you don’t want to take any risks that could harm your rank, never take shortcuts. Staying dedicated to your vision and refusing to cut corners will help you get more sales than you once thought possible.